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    cheap train tickets to York

    Cheap train tickets to York

    If you're looking for cheap train tickets to or from York, you've come to the right place

    MyTrainTicket can help you find cheap train tickets to York from any other train station. We've got all the cheapest Advance fares to York available right now, as well as flexible Off-Peak and Anytime fares.

    Save yourself the hassle of buying your train tickets to York from your local station, and buy your cheap train tickets to York online from

    Hints and tips for finding cheap train tickets.

    • Book in early - Advance tickets are the cheapest train tickets. The earlier you book the greater the saving, up to 80%.  If you see a deal, then grab it now.
    • Be flexible - Avoid the busy peak travel times 0630 - 0930 and 1530 - 1830
    • Get Single - 2 singles can be better value than 1 return journey
    • Split your journey up - Instead of booking one ticket for your journey try splitting the journey into differant stages with a ticket for each stage.

    save on train tickets


    1. Book early

    Book up to 12 weeks in advance for great savings. 

    For some journeys, where the train companies estimate demand will be low, they sell a limited number of tickets 12 weeks before the date of travel at a significant discount. So just like booking flights it pays to get in the habit of booking your train travel well ahead.

    The earlier you book the better your chance of getting a discounted ticket. Our Best Fare Finder allows you to search and see whether they’re available for your journey. If you can be flexible have a look at several dates; they don’t sell out in order.  
    Advance discounted tickets are only available as single (one-way) tickets, so if you need to book a return journey book two singles. The tickets are specific to the date and train they are booked for and can only be bought online. Although they are non-refundable you can amend the date and time up to 18.00 on the day before departure (booking fee may apply). 

    Put your journey into the Best Fare Finder widget to see how much you could save and if you find tickets at silly cheap prices BUY THEM before someone else does. 

    Note: If you need to make your journey soon don’t panic you can sometimes get advance rates up to midnight on the night before travel. Worth checking.

    2. Avoid the commuters

    Try to avoid travelling between 0630 -0930 and 1530 – 1830 when Off Peak tickets are available as these are much cheaper than flexible Anytime tickets.
    Use our Best Fare Finder widget to see what difference this makes to the cost of your journey. You may find early booking Advance tickets (limited number released 12 weeks before date of travel as explained above) or Super Off-Peak tickets (available later in the day) are available and offer even better rates that standard Off Peak.

    3. You might be better off single

    Sometimes two singles are cheaper than a return.

    Check the theory for your journey on our Best Fare Finder widget

    4. Split your journey up

    Instead of booking one ticket for your journey try splitting the journey into differant stages with a ticket for each stage. Crazy though it may seem you can achieve great savings.

    A few things to note before using our Best Fare Finder widget to see whether this wheeze applies for your route:

    1. The train must stop at all the stations you are breaking your journey at (you don’t have to get off but it must be possible to).
    2. If you split your ticketing at stations where you are changing trains be aware that if your first train service is delayed and you have a time-specific ticket for your second and miss it you may need to pay extra to catch a later train. 
    3. Split ticketing savings can be made on singles and returns
    4. If you are making a long journey and the first part of your journey is in peak time try making the journey split after the rush hour i.e. minimise the expensive part of the journey.

    To find the best deals you’ll need to work out where your train stops and spend some time on our Best Fare Finder widget . Get to it!

    Here’s how you might do it for a journey from York to Plymouth:
    Put this journey into the Best Fare Finder. Make a note of the cheapest ticket option (taking into account all previous tips).

    split ticketing

    Click on the i icon at the bottom of the results (see image above), and then click on Calling Points which will show you all the stations the train stops at, for example Derby. Now play around with the options for splitting your journey, e.g. York – Derby + Derby – Plymouth, to see whether you can get a better deal.

    If you’re crossing London with a shorter journey at one end i.e. within the Travelcard Zones it is definitely worth considering ticket plus Travelcard versus one ticket for the whole journey.

    5. Get a Railcard

    Finally, see if you are eligible for a railcard it’s definitely worth checking out the savings you would make by using one.


    Information about York

    York in Berkshire has something for everyone. Offering recreation, retail, restaurants and rivers, all within easy reach of London.  The University has been part of York history since the 19th Century, and is only a short walk from the train station.

    The York Festival takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend and is world renowned as an established date in the festival calendar, attracting headline acts for both York and York venues, which run simultaneously.   Whether you are going for a day or camping the whole weekend, search for cheap train tickets to York using the Best Fare Finder to book early and find your best options.

    York train station offers connections to Royal Ascot and Henley on Thames for Regatta and Race days. Madejski Stadium is home to both London Irish Rugby Union and York Football Club. Check your fixture lists and book ahead with the Best Fare Finder for the best deals on cheap train tickets to York.




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