National Rail Accredited

    If you are travelling, travel with confidence

    Take a few simple steps to protect others and travel safely:

    • Please bring a face covering to wear both on-board the train and in all enclosed areas of railway stations (unless you are exempt). It should cover your mouth and nose.
    • Wash your hands - many national rail stations now have hand sanitiser available
    • Don't travel if you have symptoms of Covid-19 - self-isolate and get a test
    For the latest travel guidance, check the National Rail website. You can also access information on ticket refunds and frequently asked questions.

    Book with confidence: fee-free change of journey scheme

    From Monday 21 June 2021, Advance ticket bookings can be exchanged to travel at a different time or date fee-free, until 31 December 2021. This temporary scheme has been put in place due to the pandemic, to enable more flexibility with Advance tickets which have traditionally been fixed-time, less flexible fares.

    For more information and to take advantage of this scheme, refer to Trainline's Making changes and refunds due to Coronavirus article.

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