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    Edinburgh Fringe by train

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    Traveling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by train Running from 7th – 31st August 2015, the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival plays host to some of the most talented and ingenious acts this country...

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    Beat the winter blues

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    So Christmas has been and gone, New Year’s Eve is nothing but a fading (and fuzzy) memory.  January coldly looms ahead, a bleak reminder that we’re months away from summer and even...

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    If you’ve had enough of the winter, if the rain is bringing you down and the cold is making you blue, think ahead to the summer and all that it brings.  Sunshine, longer days, glorious...

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    Visit the Zoo

    One of the most family-friendly (and family-fun!) days out involves a trip to the zoo.  With a bevy of fiece, friendly, and furrry animals on view to admire, everyone is sure to have a fantastic time...

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    1, 2, 3, Wembley!

    Whether you're travelling to the Wembley to see a concert or to see your favourite football team (both proper football and American football!), getting to Wembley Stadium from all around the UK is as...

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    Wedding Events


    Wedding Fairs 2015 The less money you spend on train tickets, the more you have to spend on your wedding!   It’s that time of year again, talk turns to wedding planning across the country...

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    Getting to Glastonbury

    There's no doubt about it that one of the best seasons here in the UK is festival season! This year, one of the biggest festivals, Glastonbury, is from the 25th to the 29th of June and features acts including...

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    Visit the Vikings


    Grab your loved ones & run for London 'cause the Vikings are coming!  For the first time in over 30 years, the British Museum is transporting visitors back in time to the age of the Vikings!...

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    Visit the 02 arena


    photo via - Duncan The O2 is hailed as the best music venue in the country, and quite rightly so.  It has the second largest seating capacity of any indoor venue in the UK, the largest being Manchester,...

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    Skiing UK


    Okay, so we may not have the snow fall of Canada, the glamour of Val D’Isire or the exclusivity of St Moritz, but the UK does have some fantastic skiing destinations.  Whether you choose the...

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    European Stations

      PARIS – Gare du Nord  If you're taking the Eurostar from England to Paris, you'll find yourself at Gare du Nord.  Meaning "North Station" in French (but you knew that already,...

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    Romantic Books


    One of the most relaxing places to read is on the train.  Train travel grants us the luxury of being able to melt into a seat and get lost in a world that isn't our own- one that's (usually) without...

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    Romantic UK Getaways

    Romantic Getaways in UK

    There's nothing quite like a weekend away! Whether you're on a romantic weekend away (just a reminder that Valentine's Day is right around the corner...) or taking a mini break to escape the routine...

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    Things to do in Paris

    things to do in paris 2

    Things to do in Paris: Vous parlez française? Non? Pas de problème!  With these free resources, you’ll have no trouble getting around Paris– even if you don't know French!           Rule...

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    Travel on Eurostar

    things to do in Paris

    Paris and Brussels, cities of culture, cuisine, and romance! Whatever your reason for travelling on the Eurostar to these fine cities- and believe us, there are many- the simplest way to get there from...

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    Tips for holiday train travel

    Tips for holiday train travel

    Tips for holiday train travel The holidays are upon us, so we wanted to share 5 Tips for keeping your Holiday Train Travel as easy as possible! 1. Arrive early at the station.  This is especially...

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    New Years Eve

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    New Year’s Eve It’s that time of year again, talk of New Year’s Eve and parties has begun, the pressure to out-do last year’s celebrations is mounting and the baby sitter is...

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    Christmas Markets

    MTT Christmas Market

    Christmas Markets In the lead up to Christmas, you can’t get a better day out than travelling to one of our country’s fabulous Christmas Markets.  In the last few years they have really...

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    Beautiful Rail Journeys


    To see some of the most beautiful views that the United Kingdom has to offer, all you need to do is take the train! Here are our 10 of our favourite scenic rail journeys– perfect if you're visiting the UK from abroad or are a resident looking for a new perspective on our country's beautiful landscape!

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    Stations in Movies


    Put on some popcorn and settle onto the sofa 'cause it's time for MTT Movie Night, featuring some of the films that have given UK trains, stations, and tracks 15 minutes of much deserved fame! London...

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    Station Pub Guide


    We got to thinking, what do our users enjoy that lends itself well to travelling by train?  Well, because we love a good pint and can imagine you might enjoy the odd ale or cheeky glass of cider,...

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    Cityscape, canal boat and Manchester cathedral image montage

    If the shopping doesn't tempt you, the sport or the nightlife might! Find out how much you can see and do..

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    Edinburgh Castle, bagpipes and abbey ruins image montage

    The 'City of Festivals', set amongst beautiful Scottish countryside, has a lot to offer.

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    Punting boats, Oxford university and bicycle image montage

    Explore this beautiful University city, walk under the Bridge of Sighs or take a punt along the river.

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    Clifford's Tower and York Minster image montage

    Dating back to Roman times, the city of York has a fascinating and colourful history.

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    Newcastle montage of Newcastle castle keep, Milennium Bridge and the Tyne Bridge

    Brimming with history and plenty of entertainment, plus Blue Flag beaches on the doorstep!

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