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    Whether you have a bag full of dirty clothes, need a decent meal or simply need some time out, getting home to the parents is an essential part of being a student.  We hope this section gives you...

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    Passenger assistance

    Passenger on a train platform waiting for assistance

    Do you need assistance on your journey?

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    Luggage & storage

    Suitcase luggage on train

    How much luggage can you take with you on the train?

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    Travelling with children

    A child's wooden toy train

    Travelling by train can be fun - and free - for children!

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    Travelling with pets

    Airedale dog

    All you need to know about taking your pet with you when you travel by train.

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    Travelling with bicycles

    Bicycles in a city

    Essential info if you're thinking of taking your bike on the train.

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    Station facilities

    Inside railway station showing platforms_small image

    What kind of facilities are available at your station?

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    First Class benefits

    Cup of coffee and newspaper

    Fancy a bit of luxury? Upgrade to First Class.

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    Business travel

    Page headers 2014 (business)

    Benefits and onboard services for the business traveller.

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